The Mongolian horse, the girl and the therapist



In this loving and also humorous book The Mongolian Horse, the Girl and the Therapist, Hesther Selbeck describes in a style, at times reminiscent of Bridget Jones’ diary, her work as a systemic therapist in the Youth Mental Health Service. How, after trekking on horseback through Mongolia, she developed the innovative Contextual Horse Therapy (CPT), in which she puts horses at the centre as co-therapist, for adolescents with complex psychiatric behaviour and their parents.

Disarmingly honest, she shares with us her personal development: her search for meaning in ecstatic dance and meditation, her existence in relationships and her spiritual inspirations and dreams.

An ode to the resilience and autonomy of human beings, who rearrange their lives and take charge of change. A timely theme in these times.

“A fascinating journey! Both into impressive Mongolia and into herself” – Arjan Postma (naturalist, writer and TV personality)

‘Hesther shows that we have multiple identities and that many perspectives are possible on healing processes. Also that surrender and connection are always part of it. She takes us on a personal journey that gives us hopeful perspectives on therapeutic processes for stuck adolescents and their families. Working with horses in the context of Catalonia appears to offer new possibilities in which young people can reconnect with family members and with life, in which they find strength and their own way again. It is also a book that encourages us to ask critical questions of our current psychotherapeutic treatments. Read and travel with us!’ – Justine van Lawick (Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and international trainer in systemic therapy)

‘In this book, the author enthusiastically shows how her contextual equine therapy developed. A therapy for young people with complex psychological problems to which mainstream care often has no answer. Scientific research into its effects is an important step.’ -Raymond Lindauer ( Prof Dr Ramón Lindauer, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Amsterdam UMC/Levvel)

The book can be ordered from Elmar publishers.