Systemic therapy

Systemic therapy focuses on the relationship between parent(s) and their child. Problems are viewed from the context in which they take place. During therapy, solutions to the disrupted relationship are worked on, so that the family members learn to trust and understand each other again.

Systemic therapy can consist of family therapy, individual (systemic) therapy and/or relationship therapy.

Family therapy

Reconnecting with each other, talking about feelings and thoughts so that brother(s) and sister(s) among themselves, as well as parents and their child(ren), feel safe with each other to interact appropriately.

Individual therapy

Adolescents and adults are welcome for individual therapy. Solution-oriented treatment explores what is needed for stability, calm and confidence.

Relationship therapy

Relationship therapy focuses on the needs of both partners. Work is done on what both partners need for an enjoyable and loving relationship.

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