Hesther has published several articles on Contextual Horse Therapy (CHT) in a variety of professional journals:

• Selbeck, Hesther. Synergy between man and nature, Contextual Horse Therapy, in PsychoSocial Digital, November 2021.
• Selbeck, Hesther. The horse as a bridge to emotion, from cognition to experience and reflection, in magazine Gifted @248, about (highly) gifted children, spring issue, March 2021.
• Selbeck, Hesther. A horse remedy, on breaking rigid family patterns using horses, in System Therapy Journal of the Dutch Association for Relationship and Family Therapy (NVRG), issue 3, September 2020.
• Selbeck, Hesther. Exploratory Study Contextual Horsetherapy, research paper on Contextual Horse Therapy, in collaboration with Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Mr. R. Lindauer – affiliated with UMC Amsterdam and LEVELL – and PhD candidate Ms. L. Kooij, October 2020.
• Selbeck, Hesther. The context of treatment and the horse as co-therapist in adolescents with behavioral problems in Keerpunt, the professional journal for the professional association of psychosocial therapists (NVPA), issue 15, July 2015.

She is currently working on a publication for the Journal of Psychiatry, on the exploratory study on Contextual Horse Therapy (CHT), which she expects to complete in April 2024.