How do you create a new existence without knowing where you’ll end up? When you don’t have a concrete idea of what awaits you? And yet, you have the courage to leave successful projects behind.

Unapologetically honest and filled with humor, Hesther recounts her life adventures: her intimate and business relationships, and giving lectures on grand spiritual stages. A horse retreat in Portugal is also woven into the narrative, where she manages a team that follows its own path with all the consequences. When Hesther decides to emigrate to Portugal, she enters a transition to another dimension, full of possibilities and light, where she realizes her ideals.

She discovers her herd of horses in one of the oldest spiritual communes in South Portugal. Or does the wild Sorraia horse find her?

Hesther becomes a Playhorse. Or was she always one?

Playhorse is the second book by systemic therapist Hesther Selbeck (1982). She gives international lectures and training in Contextual Horse Therapy (CHT), a method she developed. She is clairsentient and the author of the successful book ‘The Mongolian Horse, The Girl, and The Therapist.’

The Mongolian Horse, The Girl and The Therapist

In this loving and humorous book The Mongolian Horse, The Girl and The Therapist, Hesther Selbeck describes in a style that is at times reminiscent of Bridget Jones’s diary, her work as a Systemic Therapist in the youth mental health care system. How she developed the innovative Contextual Horse Therapy (CHT) after a horseback trek through Mongolia, in which she focuses on horses as a co-therapist for young people with complex psychiatric behavior and their parents.

About Hesther Selbeck

Hesther Selbeck (born in 1982, The Netherlands) is an independent Systemic Therapist in Portugal. She is developer of the Contextual Horse Therapy (CHT) programs, where she and her team combine Horse Therapy, Horse riding and Systemic Therapy. She works with youngsters (and their parents) who finished treatment and adults.
She gives training and inspirational talks (including TEDxHaarlem) on CHT. Because she loves writing, she published various articles for systemic and psychological magazines on Horse Therapy.

In November 2021, she debuted with her adventures and spiritual novel ‘The Mongolian Horse, the Girl and the Therapist’.